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There is no beginners league in the financial markets. You are going in the arena with the pros and we prepare you for this. Follow the natural model of the market with modern self-adjusting and self-calibrating algorithmic tools; prior only available to the big banks, now available for you.

Our company was founded in 2008 and we started with hotel meetings. Here a 2010 photo from a presetation at the Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas:

Ceasars Palace

10 years in business

Early, we recognized that adult group learning is not the way to develop successful traders, and we changed and focus on one-on-one training only:
You learn how to apply our systems and strategies to your best, at your speed, and best available days and times.
We guide you in our mentorships and support you in applying the learned.
Every meeting is recorded for playback and repetition.
By our service, all indicators and charts will be installed for you. We are adopting our systems to your risk tolerance, affinity to asset classes, with supporting calculations, and help desk.
Do not hesitate to contact us and we find out what suits you best:

contact@NeverLossTrading.com or call +1 866 455 4520

NeverLossTrading derives from the concept we teach of how to repair trades instead of accepting the stop loss. However, Never Stop Loss Trading, we felt it was a bit lengthy.

Why to follow institutional investments?

Trade Momentum by NLT

85% of the financial markets are controlled by the big money. Institutional leaders create a momentum and institutional followers jump on the wave.

NLT Buy and Sell Signal

We train you in using our concepts and software to spot institutional money moves and encourage you to:


How can a follower concept be successful?

Bring the odds on your side

Put the Odds in Your Favor: Size and Speed Matter.

Being a private investor has major advantages:

Big money is slow and regulated. Private investors can act fast in opening and closing positions and such can outperform the money managers in the world.

Come on board, learn how to:

Trade your 401(k) systematically

Develop IRA strategies

Use the chances of margin accounts

Day Trade, Swing Trade, Invest

We want to take pride in your success!

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With Never Loss Trading, we are helping ordinary people to learn how to trade by applying our investment strategies and trading techniques. Are you ready for the catch?

Catch of the Day

It is fun to trade the financial markets from around the world:

  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Futures

Catch on with high probability systems and strategies.

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Success is the outcome of a disciplined, structured, continuous actions and this is what Never Loss Trading offers.


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Trade: Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETF's, Options, Indexes, Futures, Commodities, Currencies, Options and Futures, NeverLossTrading style.


Jumpstart the Curve for Long-Term Successful Trading and Investing

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