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To help you comparing them to each other, we built two overviews for you:

A) Productivity Index Comparison

We measure the productivity of each system by comparing average calculated probabilities for trade setups, multiplied by the average reward/risk-ratio, times the rate of opportunity.

NLT System Index Productivity Comparison

The chart shows a very tiny productivity index value for TradeColors.com; however, please consider that this system beats most other trading systems available and allows you a budget entry into the world of algorithmic trading. By investing into a higher grade mentorship, your participation rate and trade accuracy will increase.

Many of our clients buy more than one system: when the tuition is paid back for the first system, they invest in another to have a higher participation rate and accuracy in trading the financial markets; excelling the productivity index.

B) Key Mentorship Feature Comparison (click to magnify)

Mentorship Overview

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All mentorship's are taught one-on-one and are recorded, fit and suited to your individual wants and needs; helping you to turn yourself into the trader you want to be.

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Learn NeverLossTrading one-on-one or in a small group mentorship.

Trade What You See Overview


Read how we make a difference....

Classes to fit your desired trade- and return rate:

  • If you want to trade twice a month, pick Month.
  • If you want to trade twice a week, pick Week.
  • If you want to learn to day trade, pick Day.
  • If you have a day job and you only want to trade at night, pick Night.


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Dimensions of NLT Mentorship's

Your trading success depends on multiple dimensions and we cover them all in our mentorship's:

Dimension 1

Dimension 2

Dimension 3

Dimension 4

Trading Concept

Trading Strategies

Trading Plan

Trading Alerts

Entries, Exits






Money Management

Assets with    Institutional Attention:               Supply or Demand


Stocks (selected)

Options (specific)

Futures (setups)

Forex (focused)


Position Sizing

Business Plan

Day Trading

Swing Trading

Long-Term Investing

Trade Execution

Trade Mechanics

Budget + Supervision

Know What to Trade


Dimension 5



All software installed on the server and your computer


200 pages+ photo-sharp trade documentation, individual training videos

20 Hours of Training

Focused on individual or small group wants and needs, in 2-hour sessions

6 Months Mentorship

Accompanying you to apply NeverLossTrading for your benefit

Multiple Alerts

Free Alerts for the first three months: “Fish, where the fish are”


Dimension 6

Return on Investment

Fast Way to Trading

Trade our system in the first week of training

Tuition Recuperation

Often in 2-months


Keep the system and software without additional fees

Infinite Returns

After tuition recuperation and pay-back on the initial capital

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Treat trading as a business: prepare your mind, set you own goals, execute NeverLossTrading, attain set returns, reach your financial goals.


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