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1. Concept Commitment

Dimensions of NLT Mentorship's

More than one dimension needs to be considered to be a successful trader:

Dimension 1

Dimension 2

Dimension 3

Dimension 4

Trading Concept

Trading Strategies

Trading Plan

Trading Alerts

Entries, Exits






Money Management

Assets with Institutional Attention:               Supply or Demand


Stocks (selected)

Options (specific)

Futures (setups)

Forex (focused)


Position Sizing

Business Plan

Day Trading

Swing Trading

Long-Term Investing

Trade Execution

Trade Mechanics

Budget + Supervision

Know What to Trade


Dimension 5



All software installed on the server and your computer


200 pages+ photo-sharp trade documentation, individual training videos

20 Hours of Training

Focused on individual or small group wants and needs, in 2-hour sessions

6 Months Mentorship

Accompanying you to apply NeverLossTrading for your benefit

Multiple Alerts

Free Alerts for the first three months: “Fish, where the fish are”


Dimension 6

Return on Investment

Fast Way to Trading

Trade our system in the first week of training

Tuition Recuperation

Often in 2-months


Keep the system and software without additional fees

Infinite Returns

After tuition recuperation and pay-back on the initial capital


More than 85% of the world financial markets are dominated by institutional investment decisions (click for a detailed write-up).

Who are those institutions?

Overview of Key Institutional Investors



Institutions (Stock Symbol)

Institutional Focus

Prop Traders

Leading institutions , trading “their own money”


Finding best performers: Stocks or Industry Sectors

Fund Managers

Pension Funds, Mutual Funds, ETF’s, Hedge Funds


Following Indexes: S&P 500, Small Caps, Countries

Low Risk Investors

Insurances, Banks


Capital investment with low risk tolerance.

Liquidity Providers

Market Makers, ECN’s, Wholesalers


Offering at the bid and ask.
Again, we find “Prop Trading” companies.


Imagine how trading can be for you, if you spot and trade with institutional money moves?

NeverLossTrading systems are algorithm or indicator based, focusing on spotting institutional activity for all asset classes. Each and every NLT indicator has a positive expectancy. By overlaying and correlating our indicators, a powerful concept for high probability trading is offered to you.

You will learn NeverLossTrading in individual time-units, getting you ready to invest with a proven and easy to follow trading concept; guiding you for six months to ensure you apply our trading strategies right; supporting you daily with reports, which are spelling out potential trading opportunities (free for three months).

Read how we make a difference....

WHO WHY_NeverLossTrading How? What Indicators


2. Follow the NLT-Concept


Trade What You See: The NeverLossTrading concept spots price action of institutional money on all time frames and reaps the benefits by following where the big money is going.



3. NLT Building Blocks:


Trade Signals, Preferred Securities.


Income Generation, Wealth Building.


Trade on Your Own, with Our Coaching.


Monitor and Improve Your Trading.


A) Foundation

  • We educate you to trade: Stocks, ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds), Commodities, Currencies, Treasuries and their Options, and Futures, based on our trading concepts. .

  • You will focus on a selected set of securities which are beneficial for the private investor/trader. If you have your trading instruments already specified, we work with you specifically on those and still provide you with written documentation for other assets in case of a potential future use.

  • Our goal is to keep it simple: Take a system that works and keep executing.

  • We offer constant support through online meetings, where we discuss market directions, investment possibilities and alternatives to day-trade, swing-trade or long-term-invest, protect, and leverage.

  • A lot of people suffer from information overload with the result of stagnation and not being able to move or do the right thing. We are teaching constancy of following an approved concept to make you skilled to succeed.

  • Many of our students achieve a two month payback of their tuition, with such, we make it affordable for you to strive for infinite returns: When your tuition and base capital is paid back.

  • We offer to watch our charts on a free of charge, state of the art trading platform, where you receive real-time data from all US-exchanges, while you can continue executing your orders at your trading platform of choice.

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B) Execution

Depending on the Investment Strategy you choose, Never Loss Trading offers:

  • Investment strategies, where you do not have to follow the stock market minute by minute, hour by hour: A weekly look and at times once a month trading will bring the desired results. .

  • Day trading strategies, which let you produce daily income at market closure.
  • We offer Online Support Meetings, where we talk about market indicators, investing  strategies, and sure answer your questions.

  • Besides investing as an individual, we support you to build or joint a NeverLossTrading Investment Club.

  • We get you prepared and ready for trading mentally, to execute when it matters. Please see a short sports video, which expresses our execution focus.

  • Watch the video and sign up for a NLT-Concept to hit your home run!

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C) Independency

Trading is a wonderful business where you do not need to convince clients, never have a collection, with no need for employees and many more advantages. To treat trading as you business, we help you to:

  • Focus on low cost trading.
  • Use a modern charting and technical analysis.
  • Start an account with no minimum funding.
  • NLT is for all account types: IRA, IRA Roth, Custodian, Cash, Margin Accounts.
  • Use multi account trading with one click.
  • Utilize simple point and click, stock and option trading.
  • Trading desk, online and life person support 8 a.m. to 8.p.m. ET (Mo. - Fri).
  • Active traders screen for day trading.
  • Analyzing tools to calculate future option prices.
  • Trade multiple asset classes.
  • Simple access to market news.
  • Easy alarm setting and order execution.
  • Follow our pre-defined trading plan.
  • Use our reward/risk evaluation models.
  • Strive for constant improvement by our coaching.
  • Know where institutional money moves

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D) Constant Improvement

Select your class based on your time allocation, trade focus or expected return rate:

  • If you want to trade twice a month, pick Month.

  • If you want to trade twice a week, pick Week.

  • If you want to learn how to day-trade, pick Day.

  • If you have a day job and you only want to trade at night, pick Night.

Find the trading system that suites your wants and needs, select from the following or call us at: +1 866 455 4520 or to schedule a personal consulting hour with no obligation.


4. Chose Your Easy to Follow Trading System



Find Yourself

Your NLT System


Day Trader

Are you interested in day trading, looking for a reliable algo- based trading system where you stay in control of the ultimate decisions?

NLT HF-Day-Trading


NLT Income Generating


Early entry


Confirmed entry


Trend Trader

Are you seeking an advanced algorithmic online trading system with human interaction to trade once or twice per week?

NLT Wealth Building

Trend trading


Easy trading

Frequent Trader

Is stock trading your favorite and you are rather a swing trader, ready to open and close positions every 1-5 days?

NLT HF-Stock-Trading

Frequent trading


Early entry

Top Trader

Are you serious in online trading or investing and you want to scan and screen the markets real time, using your own searches, watch lists and portfolio management?

NLT Top-Line

Strongest signals


Market relation


Own scanners

All Trader

Are you a day trader, swing trader, or long-term investor, who want to wait and trade at critical price turning poiints?

NLT Swing Point Trading

Trend trading


Momentum trading

All Trader Do you find yourself in all above?

Combine NLT Systems.


We tailor to your trading style.

Consult with us for your fitting day trading and swing trading systems.

Contact us.


Are you looking for an introductory algorithmic trading system to spot and follow institutional money moves for day trading and swing trading , applicable for all time frames and asset classes: Stocks, Commodities, Currencies (FOREX), and Treasuries?


Introductory Day Trading and Swing Trading concept.

Fully refundable on upgrades to NeverLossTrading.

Momentum trading


Trend trading


Frequent Trader

Know and trade long-term supply and demand levels. Trade breakouts and reversals at all time frames and for all asset classes: Stocks, Options, Futures, FOREX.

NLT Price Breakout Concept

Day trading


Swing trading

Read about Trading Systems... Read what clients say...

Stop Assuming, Trade What You See!

Minimum returns to strive for:


Document your achievements in the NeverLossTrading Journals and share them with us to coach you to advance from the set minimums to get to achieve results like this:

NLT Top-Line Returns on Option Trades

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