Book: My Stock Market Income

This book gives a first introduction to NeverLossTrading, where we strive to produce and reinvest on a constant- income rather than growth-investment-base. It is available as Kindle eBook: See details below:

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Learn to apply NeverLossTrading investment methods to produce 2% monthly returns. Our “Two Percent Financial Freedom Concept” works in up trending, down trending and sideways moving markets. Imagine what a 2% monthly return can do for you:

  • 321% return on capital in 5 years.
  • 1,055% return on capital in 10 years.

This book will give you an eye opening insight into how the markets progressed in the last 10 years and how private investors were left behind. This book is written not to just define the issue, but to offer a solution so that today’s investors can profit, even in an era of volatile markets. In great detail, the reader will be guided in the processes of how to find suitable investment opportunities and implement a trading plan in order to leverage and protect assets, including 401(k) holdings.

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Order: "My Stock Market Income" directly from Amazon: $9.99. Click here.........

The Author

Thomas Barmann

Thomas F. Barmann

Thomas F. Barmann is the author of "My Stock Market Income" and Inventor of "Never Loss Trading".

His first introduction to trading came when he was 22 years old. Over the years he acquired a wealth of knowledge, how a private investor can make money in the markets by focusing on constant income instead of growth. He trades by taking advantage of momentum price moves, minimizing risk and compounding interest. His aim is to make the world a better place by sharing knowledge and giving education. A very small group of people keeps the knowledge how to trade the financial markets and those who enter without being well prepared mostly donate their hard-earned money to those who know. NeverLossTrading is an easy to follow, market proven trading and investing concept to be shared with you.


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