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By the shear amount of stocks traded, you can always find stocks ready for a price move: On the two major US exchanges, about 6,000 individual shares are daily traded.


Stocks Traded

NYSE:        2,800

NASDAQ:  3,300

Total        ~ 6,000

The key question is:

Which stocks to pick and for how long to hold them?

The stock markets are dominated by institutional investments.

Big investment companies like Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley determine with teams of the world best analysts, which stock to buy or sell, and the reason why.

As a private investor, do you really want to compete at analyzing the stock markets better and wiser than they do?

Our answer:

Why to bother, changes in supply and demand can be analyzed and put on a chart for you, giving you the signals for the stocks to pick.

As a consequence, you are in need for a system that tells you when to best buy, how long you max hold, and when to best sell (target) a stock.

Easier said than done: but doable!

In IRA’s a common practice is to focus on long opportunities; however, we want to encourage you to also consider shorting the market with allowed strategies to participate in both market directions:

Buy low and sell high and sell high and buy low!

Let me show you an easy long trading example: The system we used for finding the trading opportunity is called NeverLossTrading Top-Line. In this system the combination of two orange signals in the matter of six bars indicates a strong bottom or top reversal setup. We trade, when the signal is confirmed: Stock price above a set price threshold; then we go long or short for a maximum of 10-bars/candles.

In the example we picked, we went long IBM and decided from a weekly chart, thus; we expected to stay in the trade for a maximum of 10 weeks.

Aside from the time target, we also have a price target-1 (already reached) and target-2.

Chart-1: IBM September 2018 to February 2019 on NLT Top-Line

IBM on NLT Top-Line

At such strong reversal setups, you should think about different alternatives to invest and participate in the given opportunity.

For a short intro to out of the box thinking, let us formulate three opportunities and their ROI (return on investment) based on the actual share price of 02/19/2019: 

Trading Strategy

Capital/Cash Requirement for 100 Shares

Bought the stock around $117.50, currently at 138.50 @ a 18% return on investment.


Bought Call options at $3.50/share with a profit of $12/share controlled (or a 440% ROI)


Sold a Put-Spread for a net income of about $5.60/share, giving you a return on investment of 28% in seven weeks.


Wonderful examples of combining strong technical chart setups with applicable strategies that are doable from all account sizes.

We are IRA specialists:

  • Thus, we are helping you to find stocks with price move potentials on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Train you on limited risk strategies and leverage strategies
  • Let you repair trades when they go wrong
  • Show you how you can hedge your portfolio on overnight risks
  • Establish with you a business plan for trading success, your guideline to follow: financial plan and action plan.

We offer multiple systems and mentorship and teach those one-on-one at your best available days and times.

To experience what such system and strategy can do for you:

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