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See and act at institutional supply and demand levels as a day trader and swing trader. Act on price breakouts and know key reversal points right from your chart.

With One Trade, ALL Can be Paid!

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Trade Price Breakouts on Stocks, Futures, Forex


The NeverLossTrading Price Breakout Concept offers you to identify and trade at specific price constellations, triggered by institutional liquidity providers: Market Makers, ECN's, Wholesalers:

Identifying longer-term Supply and Demand Levels.

NLT Price Breakout Chart

The NLT Price Breakout Concept can be used as standalone or as an add-on to or NeverLossTrading concepts, offering you:

  • Concept specific indictors, highlighting considered price breakouts and portraying trade potentials with specified entries and exits.
  • The NLT Price Breakout Concept can be applied to daily charts and sub-day time frames, where the study indicates major support/demand and resistance/supply levels as setups to trade price breakouts and reversals.
  • NLT Alerts, identifying price breakouts on the daily chart; reported 3-5 times per week. Finding each time about 5-10 opportunities for you to trade along with.
  • A NeverLossTrading Price Breakout occurs under NLT specified conditions, when:
    • An underlying investment instrument opens at an algorithm specified higher price than it closed the prior day or time period observed.
    • An underlying investment instrument opens at an algorithm specified lower price than it closed the prior day or time period observed. 

Commonly, a price breakout opens a price gap on the chart; however, not every price gap is a selected as NLT Price Breakout Zone. The selection for an NLT Price Breakout is made by an adaptive algorithm, which selects time and action-based key price ranges, triggered and used by institutional investors.

The NLT Price Breakout Concept helps you to identify high probable trade setups, where the highlighted price range and its “Target Line Cloud” highlight major price-levels where prices gravitate from and to:

  • Trade from highs to lows and lows to highs in the NLT Price Breakout Range
  • Trade Price Breakouts from the range.
  • Trade Reversals to the range.

Euro-Futures on a 10-Minute Chart: Cyan NLT Breakout Range and Target Line Cloud

NLT 10-Min Price Breakout

Isn’t it amazing how that Cyan Price Breakout Channel and its target-line-cloud are building reliable price levels where price accumulation and price movement happens?

Trade no more without knowing where asset prices will face major support or resistance. Let the NeverLossTrading Price Breakout Concept paint those on the chart for you.

Our indicator and study is a plug-in to a free trading platform, allowing you to obtain real-time data from all US-exchanges without paying monthly fees and with no need to change brokers: Watch the price action on our charts and execute your orders at your platform of choice:


Trade when Institutional Investors make a Move.


Trade Your Plan from the Price Chart.


Applicable for All Asset Classes and Time Frames.

Market Proven:

Self-Calibrating NeverLossTrading® Algorithm.


The NLT Price Breakout Concept provides you with strong support and resistance levels as a day trader and swing trader. Take a look at the following example and how you can make use of our breakout study for your benefit by trading at a breakout of the zone or set the target on a potential reversal to the zone.

Crude Oil Futures on a 4-Hour Chart (uncheck the show extended session button)

NLT Price Breakout 4-Hours Crude Oil

In this Crude Oil Futures example, you see six positive trades, which all came to target and even exceed the target direction by following the breakouts and reversals from and to our Cyan NLT Price Breakout Range:

Each of those price breakouts in Crude Oil Futures represented a potential gain of $0.70 cents/barrel:

This resulted in a value gain of $700 per trade, when you only trade one contract.

In the matter of 20 trading days, this would have resulted in 6 x $700 = $4,200.-.

This more than recuperates your tuition payment in basically one month with only about $4,000 investment capital needed to initiate this trade*.

In our calculations, we just considered a price move to the dashed target line and no further movement of the Crude Oil Futures, which had allowed for additional and more substantial gains.

To get you trained in utilizing the NLT Price Breakout Concept, you will receive:

  • Our Software Installed on your computer by remote access (1 hour).

  • 4-Hours of Individual Training, focused on your wants and needs.

  • 1-Month with Your Questions Answered.

  • 50 Pages of Documentation plus individual training videos.

  • 30-Days Free Alert Report for Assets which opened an NLT Price Breakout Range.


Receive all this for a one-time payment of $2,497 (Introductory Offer)

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Mentorship Terms and Conditions


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*) Disclaimer

The risk of trading securities, options, futures can be substantial. Customers must consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situation before trading. In our teaching of how to trade the markets, in our newsletters, webinars and our involvement in the Investment Clubs, neither NOBEL Living, LLC, the parent company of Never Loss Trading and, or any of the speakers, staff or members act as stockbrokers, broker dealers, or registered investment advisers: We worked out trading concepts and share them through education and services with our members and clients. Please also consider that past performance cannot be taken indicative for future results.

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