NeverLossTrading Wealth Builder Mentorship


The NLT WealthBuilder Concept is for the modern swing trader and long-term investor, who wants to trade with a high probability, algorithmic based trading system.

Learn to spot and trade momentum price changes and trend moves for multiple asset classes and time frames.

Executive coaching on various trading strategies including hedging and leveraging:

  • Eight hours of individual training.
  • Three months of mentorship.

AAPL Daily Chart, showing how the Upper- and Lower Study Signals are working together:

NLT WealthBuilder Chart 1Lower study: NeverLossTrading Balance of Power Indicator, referencing if Buyers (blue) or Sellers (red) are in charge of the price action, indicating potential swing points along with a price move of the underlying asset.

Considering different trading styles, we offer two training programs based on the same indicators:

  • NLT WealthBuilder Mentorship Program – Geared towards the swing trader.
  • NLT IncomeGenerator Mentorship Program – Geared towards day trading.

If you want us to teach you day trading and swing trading at once, we are happy to do so.

The daily AAPL-Chart (see above), showed a typical NLT WealthBuilder setup, used by swing traders. The chart blow shows an NLT Day Trading Chart for the S&P Emini Futures.

Emini S&P Futures NLT Income Generator 10-Minute Chart

Intention: Closing the entire or part of the position at the same day.

NLT WealthBuilder Chart 2


The NLT-WealthBuilder Concept is a powerful algorithmic based, high probability trading system and upgradable at any time to one of our professional systems: NLT HF-Trading or NLT Top-Line. In such case we grant 50% of your tuition payment and education time towards the upgrade.

The “NLT WealthBuilder Package”, includes:

  • Six indicators, working together, signaling high probability trade setups. 
  • All software installed for you on a server, accessible form all your computers.
  • Specific trading plans for a selected set of securities (while it works with any security).
  • Three months of free NLT WealthBuilder Alerts, where we share trade constellations according to the NLT WealthBuilder chart setups.
  • 8-hours of teaching with individual recordings.
  • 80 pages of documentation.

The NLT-WealthBuilder Program focuses on a specific set of securities allowing for easy trade adjustment with options. As a consequence, you can either trade the shares, the options or a combination of selected shares and options of an underlying asset, applying:

A) Strong Directional Trading Methods at Swing Points

  • Signal congruence of upper and lower studies   -

We teach you in trading methods with highly positive reward/risk relations, rarely to be found or published anywhere else, backed up by:

  • Trade comparison calculations.
  • Chart analysis techniques.
  • Back- and forward tested indicators.  

B) Trades at Price Continuation Patterns

  • Single occurrence of an upper or lower signal   -

For adding to an existing position or starting a trade at a new high probability chart-setup.

C) Adaptive, Algorithm Based NLT Indicators

  • Auto-calibrating with a change of the time-unit or asset observed. –

The Software Package contains the following indicators and studies; all installed for you, giving you FREE real time data access to all US-exchanges, ready to be used:

  • NLT_Candle_Colors
  • NLT_Box
  • NLT_Double_Decker
  • NLT_Speedometer
  • NLT_Price_Volume_Study
  • NeverLossTrading  Balance of Power Indicator (lower study) 

D) Top Notch Documentation

Aside from being trained in individually focused sessions, you will also receive a clearly detailed tutorial with screen shots, trade examples and trading strategies. Each training session will be recorded for your personal use.

E) Program Aftercare

When your initial teaching is over, we will meet you once a month for a period of three months to clarify questions and pass on more detailed training. Surely, if you need our help in between, we are there for you.

F) Executive Training and Coaching

  • Learn from a proven leader, focusing to turn you into the trader you want to be –
  • Four 2-hour classes (individually scheduled).
  • Specific training focused on your individual wants and needs.
  • Clear direction and trade execution training.

G) NLT Alerts

Find assets with trade setup according to the NLT WealthBuilder signals in your in-box; at least three times per week or even on a daily basis, helping you to identify and execute your newly learned trading strategies.

Some of the indicators used in “Income Generator and Wealth Builder” are also used in NLT Top-Line and NLT-HF-Trading, making it easy for you to upgrade for receiving additional and more specific algorithm based trade entries: 

Examples of what an upgrade to NLT Top-Line provides:

  • High probability trade entries, spelled out on the price chart.
  • Instant reading, how an individual security performs in respect to the overall market.
  • Price move evaluation: Major or minor move of the asset.  
  • Software to scan for assets with favorable price/volume moves.
  • One click performance view on NLT-Watch-Lists installed on your machine.
  • Additional support programs and trainings.

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pick a stock or commodity: With great pride, will we provide you with screen shots, how our NLT-WealthBuilder-Package performs at various trade situations and time frames,

Mentorship's Overview

NLT Top-Line

Trade a set basket of securities and their options: High leverage, limited risk. Operate your own opportunity scanner.
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Following our buy and sell strategy, we trade on high frequency price changes. Take your trades from our reports or right from you charts.
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NLT Wealth Building

Learn how to trade of a selected basket of stocks and their options. Protect and leverage your investments. Focus on constant monthly and weekly returns.
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NLT Income Generating Program

Learn how to day trade Futures and Options. A class in particular liked by people who want to make daily income with trading. A new and highly valuable trading concept, even for the advanced market investor. Click here ...

NLT HF Day Trading Logo

Learn how to day trade Stock and their Options, Index-, Commodity-, Treasury-, Currency-Futures and FOREX Pairs. A class for day traders who are serious about making money from the financial markets. Click here ...


After you participated one of our mentorship programs, we offer you to join our communication network as a member, with online investment discussion forums, newsletters, webinars, education.
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The risk of trading securities, options, futures can be substantial. Customers must consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situation before trading. In our teaching of how to trade the markets, in our newsletters, webinars and our involvement in the Investment Clubs, neither NOBEL Living, LLC, the parent company of Never Loss Trading, or any of the speakers, staff or members act as stockbrokers, broker dealers, or registered investment advisers. We worked out trading concepts that benefit us greatly and share them through education with our members and clients.


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